Traffic Usage Checker

A small program to check your traffic usage. Works with many ISPs: ACSOnline, Actrix, BorderNET, Farmside, InSPire, Maxnet, Orcon, Paradise, Quicksilver, Slingshot, Snap, Spark (formerly Telecom), Ultracom, Vodafone, Woosh, WorldNet, Xnet and Zelan. If it doesn't support your ISP then just ask.

Download v1.91 for Windows XP/Vista/7. Also works perfectly under linux using Wine. For Mac, try Crossover (untested, but it should work).

Alternative download, without installer here (just unzip it to a directory of your choice).
Change log

Latest beta version updates support for the My Spark usage checking system
This update was sponsored by a TUC user who wishes to remain anonymous.
Build date 13/07/2016 16:14:02

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